Starter Packs | The Magpie’s Eye
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The Magpie’s Eye

The larger of our two stores is home to a huge range of retro and vintage items. Step inside and browse a treasure trove of classical furniture, tableware, clothes, LPs, CDs and DVDs, in addition to a book room that’s the envy of many a west-end store. You’ll also find a range of handmade jewellery and knits, in addition to original paintings and photography by local artists – it’s a real Aladdin’s cave.

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday 9.30am – 5pm
Sunday 11.00 – 4.00pm

Where to find us
47 Burleigh Street,
Govan, G51 3LB
0141 445 4001

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Magpies Eye
@MagpiesEyeGovanMay 23
RT @SPG_Glasgow: We’re very pleased to have 2nd year from @HSofG helping out at Starter Packs HQ today and in @MagpiesEyeGovan and @magpien
Magpies Eye
@MagpiesEyeGovanMay 07
We are open as usual, the coffee is on, pop over do
Magpies Eye
@MagpiesEyeGovanApr 12
Our door has a new addition. Very happy about that too @revolvereuse
Magpies Eye
@MagpiesEyeGovanApr 11
Our sister shop is Revolve certified too. So proud to have been revolved
Magpies Eye
@MagpiesEyeGovanApr 10
Extremely proud to have been certified to @revolvereuse standard, been lots of work, but very much worth it for us…
Magpies Eye
@MagpiesEyeGovanFeb 22
RT @SPG_Glasgow: Our website has had a makeover, with big thanks to Front Page for all their work