Starter Packs | What’s in our packs?
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What’s in our packs?

To make each ‘starter pack’, we need the kind of things that many take for granted. But these basic items can really make a difference when you’re starting out.

Here’s what goes into each of our packs:

Bedding Pack

The items listed below are provided for each member of the household over 2 years old (children under 2 years of age are provided with appropriate blankets).

Brand new duvet

Duvet cover

Bed sheet & pillowcase

Bath towel

Hand towel

Pot Pack

The items listed below are the standard quantities provided for one person. We provide additional crockery for larger households.

Brand new cooking pot

Brand new frying pan

Ovenproof dish

4x mugs

4x glass tumblers

4x dinner & side plates

4x bowls

Storage container

Kettle, toaster, iron, microwave (at least 2 of these will be supplied)

Utility Pack

The items listed below are the basic quantities supplied for one person. We provide additional products for larger households.

Washing up liquid

Anti-bacterial spray

Cloth / sponge / scourer

Kitchen roll

3x kitchen utensils

Tin opener

16pc cutlery set



Toilet paper

In addition to the basic items listed above, we do try to provide little extras where we can such as shower gel and shampoo; dish drainers, cutlery separators, a bin and brush & shovel; as well as place mats and salt and pepper shakers. These are all dependant on the donations we receive. To find out how you can help, visit our ‘Donating’ section.