Starter Packs | Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

Where should i take my donations?

Please take any donations to The Magpie’s Nest, 25 Burleigh Street, Govan, G51 3LA. There they’ll be sorted into starter pack items or stock for our shops.

What items can I donate to Starter Packs Glasgow?

We’ll welcome most donations however do have some restrictions in place for certain items:

Bedding & linens

  • We are unable to accept used duvets
  • Please ensure any linens or towels are free from stains or bleach marks, rips, excessive fading or bobbling



  • We’ll happily accept any crockery you have, it doesn’t have to be a full set
  • Please ensure that there are no cracks, chips, stains or scratches



  • We’ll generally welcome most donations, however for larger items we may be limited on space and so it’s best to call 0141 440 1008 before bringing an item along
  • We cannot accept items that are broken, stained, ripped, excessively worn or missing any pieces
  • All sofas and upholstered chairs must have a fire safety label attached


Clothing & shoes

  • We ask that all clothes are clean and recently laundered so that they can be sold in our shops to raise funds
  • Any clothes donated with stains, rips, excessive wear, fading, missing buttons or broken zips will be sent for recycling
  • Shoes should be in good, wearable condition with no worn heels or soles


CDs, DVDs & books

  • Please ensure that they are still in working order, e.g. that CDs play or that books don’t have any pages missing
  • We cannot accept any bootlegged or copied CDs or DVDs


Cookers & washing machines

  • We are unable to accept washing machines, cookers and/or ovens

What happens if we cannot use your donation(s) for a starter pack?

If we can’t use your item in a pack, we’ll endeavour to sell it in one of our stores to raise funds instead. In addition to raising money, our stores provide an important source of affordable goods for our clients and local community to furnish their homes without going into debt. We’ll welcome almost any donation, however if you’re unsure, just give us a ring on 0141 440 1008 and we’ll be happy to help.

I donated some items to be used in your starter packs, but they are for sale in the shop. Why is this?

Not all of the items donated can be used in our starter packs, so in those cases they’ll go on sale in one of our shops. If we have an abundance of one particular item, for example duvet covers, we may sell some in our shops due to limited storage space.

Will you collect an item/items that I’d like to donate?

As we only have one van on the road we are limited in our availability for collections. It can take up to 2 weeks before there is an available slot, and these uplifts only take place within the Glasgow postcode area. To arrange a collection, please call us on 0141 440 1808.

Do you do house clearances?

At the moment we don’t offer house clearances.